Same but different: Two Closet Core Cielo Tops

Me-Made-May is here again and I’m resolved that 2023 is the year that I keep my pledges

Something that I haven’t resolved to do but I’m hopeful I’ll be able to achieve is to get a start on blogging all of the makes that I’ve produced since I fell off the blogging bandwagon in 2019. Often I have so much to say that an IG caption just doesn’t do it justice! 

Let’s start with the ever popular Closet Core Cielo Top. I made the short-sleeved version (view A) a long while back in a sage green linen from Big & Brave Fabrics, and more recently, a gathered lantern sleeve version (view B) in a cotton lawn from Bao and Berry Fabrics (psst, Bao & Berry Fabrics is a new venture of mine, in case you didn’t already know!). 

View A, Sage Linen

Oh the good old days back in 2021 when we still had mandatory masking!

Pattern and construction details: Size 10, lengthened 2 inches. Finished with neckline facing and sleeve cuffs.

Fabric: 190gsm linen from Big and Brave Fabrics 

What I liked: As with all Closet Core patterns, the pattern instructions were clear and easy to follow and gives a lovely clean finishing on the interior. As expected, it comes together really easily too with only a few pattern pieces.

Post-wear thoughts

  • The neckline is too wide for my frame (a not unusual problem for me!) and as a result I’m constantly having to re-adjust to hide my bra straps. 
  • Even with the two extra inches in length, I’m finding that it’s just a smidge too short on my 162cm frame. I’m finding it hard to visualise just how cropped the original length would have been on taller folks! 
  • I’ve said it a million times on my Instagram and I’ll say it again – I love the linen from Big & Brave Fabrics! That being said, I do find this weight a bit heavy for a boxy style like this. Perhaps it’s the proportions of the top (short and wide, which emphasises the boxy shape), but if I remade this I would try it with a softer fabric OR use this same fabric for the shift dress version! 

View B, Cotton Lawn

Details: Size 10, lengthened 2 inches, pinched about an inch out of the neckline. Used the lantern sleeves but gathered and added an elastic band at the cuff instead of attaching the lantern cuff. Neckline finished with bias binding. 

Fabric: Cotton lawn in Maroon Peonies from Bao and Berry Fabrics 

What I liked: WOW the big sleeve energy on this view is STRONG. I love the look of it on others but it takes some getting used to when I see it on myself! I love that Me Made May 2023 is pushing me to try new styles because I definitely might have chickened out of actually wearing this make out and about… in the end, I wore it out for a brunch and a day of chasing the kid around shopping malls. I must say it’s completely functional, but there are still some fit issues that need addressing… 

Post-wear thoughts

  • Even after adjustment, the neckline is still too wide and my bra straps were constantly on display. Not a good look when all you live in are ratty old misshapen nursing bras and are too busy keeping your toddler from self-destruction to remember to check your appearance. 
  • This length is great for tucking into high-waisted bottoms! I also loved the blousing effect from tucking in this softer cotton lawn. It would be even more luxurious in a drapier fabric like a rayon or tencel.
  • As much as I loved the concept of the elasticated sleeves, I couldn’t understand why they kept twisting on me. Perhaps it was because one of the elasticated cuffs was noticeably tighter than the other (human error in measurement or just a difference in arm circumference? I’m not sure), which resulted in one sleeve sitting lower on the arm and looking more deflated and sitting lower on the arm than the other. I suspect unpicking and doing over the elasticated cuff might solve the issue though, so that’s on the repair list for now.
  • I don’t regret this make, but I probably wouldn’t try this combination again unless it’s in a rayon to eliminate the poofiness. While I love the concept, I just don’t feel like myself in it! 

TLDR: It’s a great pattern with clear instructions and comes together beautifully! It just requires more fitting at the neckline and length for my body and I’m on the fence about how the lantern sleeves look on me. 

I do think it’s good enough for another try though to fix the rest of the fit issues. Maybe third time’s the charm? Have you tried the Cielo? Let me know how you liked it!


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